periya melam

Periya melam has so far retained an important place in the Tamil traditional arts. The sound of this music is louder than all the music sounds in the world.Please contact us for more periya melam 9884436365

periya melam

Our Periya melam artists are the ones who dance and make the music lovers dance too. The music is also known as RajavadhyamThis. Periya melam group requires a minimum of 15 people

periya melam

The periya melam is best if the festival needs too much noise.


Call the number above and enjoy. chakkai music is truly a miracle

Periya Melam - Rajavadhyam

Periya melam - thalai palagai thamukku thalam silampu (salangai) thappu chati this seven instruments music called called periya melam


Bharatha Kalai Koodam aim is to promote performing arts of Tamil all over the world.Talented artist and people requiring programs are requested to register with us for an enchanting experience 9884436365.9884403648

Famous Ndhaswaram players

Ndhaswaram nagesh

Nagesh, Ndhaswaram cries for his performance to be repeated .”

[Tamil culture]

Famous percussionist

Percussionist Aravind

“Aravind , Excellent artist who plays 20 different percussion instruments ”

[Tamil culture]

Famous Periyamelam artist

king faisal

“ Munusami ” The best drama actor, the teacher who trains in all kinds of drama ”

[Tamil culture]

Famous Bharatanatyam dancer


“Bharatanatyam” Best Dance Teacher Bharatanatyam ”

[ Tamil culture]

Famous Percussionist

Percussionist Abrock

“ Abrock ” Excellent artist who plays 'APP' percussion instruments and chakkai ”

[Tamil culture]